Commercial AC/Heating

Commercial AC/Heating SystemsSarasota Commercial AC Repair and Installation

The HVAC system in your building is a big investment. It provides ample heating and cooling for your employees and customers throughout the year and therefore must be maintained, and when needed, repaired quickly and properly by an expert that understands the needs of a commercial system.

If you need commercial AC/Heating Installation, repair and maintenance services for your building, now is the time to JFK Air Conditioning. We can provide the service you need to keep your customers and employees as comfortable as possible.

Sarasota, Bradenton, Charlotte County Commercial AC Maintenance

After you have a new AC/Heating system installed, the first thing you should do is establish an ongoing quarterly or annual maintenance plan. This will ensure your entire system is inspected and tuned up as needed to keep it running properly through the hottest days of the summer and the chill of the winter.

During scheduled maintenance visits, we will inspect your entire system, checking moving parts such as the blower fan motor, rooftop units, and all heat pump materials like the compressor and condenser to ensure they are working properly. Filters are replaced, condensate drain lines are cleaned and ductwork and thermostats are tested and calibrated.

Because commercial HVAC systems are used so extensively, we also offer quarterly maintenance to inspect your system and ensure it is working as needed. Call us today to learn more about all of our maintenance plans and which will work best for you.

Commercial AC/Heating Repairs

While annual or quarterly maintenance will surely keep a commercial AC/Heating system running more smoothly for much longer than a system that is not tuned up, the need for repairs can still develop. If external damage is done to your AC system or if a part inside of it malfunctions, you may need someone to visit your business and thoroughly inspect and repair whatever issues developed.

For this reason, we offer emergency repair services for all major commercial AC system problems and can ensure your system works as intended for a long time. We can be on site immediately if a problem occurs that stops you from receiving ample cooling and heating and if you suspect a problem that is increasing your bill or putting unnecessary stress on your system, we can schedule a visit as well.

For Commercial AC/Heating systems in Sarasota, Manatee, or Charlotte Counties call JFK Air Conditioning at (941) 429-0700 or schedule and appointment online.